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Our mission is to create Social Impact Strategies for Businesses and Nonprofits.

We're dedicated to helping our clients to make a significant difference in their communities and the world through the development of social impact strategies.

We are committed to creating sustainability services

We are a consulting firm committed to creating solutions that help you generate sustainable social impact. Our methodology in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Implementation and experience in strategy planning for nonprofits allows us to identify personalized improvement needs and opportunities.

We specialize in making social impact initiatives

We ensure that all strategies and planification align with the essence of your company or social organization. We accompany you every step of the way, from how to create a foundation to how to develop effective communication strategies that inspire emotion and action.

Improve your social impact with our services

From helping businesses start or improve their corporate social responsibility, to strategic planning for NGOs, charities or other non-profit entities, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Advisory on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

We create a solid CSR strategy, aligning values with actions, and optimizing your current practices to maximize value for both the company and society.

Strategic Service for Nonprofits and Social Organizations:

We provide tools and strategies necessary to improve practices and methodologies in the start or development of various types of social organizations

Digital Marketing and Communications Strategy Service:

We establish the pillars of your digital communication and implement marketing strategies to increase reach and brand visibility.

Some brands we have worked with

What are the benefits of social impact consulting

  • Proven experience: Our team of experts boasts years of experience in  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Implementation and strategy planning for social organization.


  • Tangible results: We’ve transformed companies and social organizations, helping them responsible business practices.


  • Commitment to the community: We believe in the power of the community and work to make your company or non profit a positive agent of change.


  • Personalized approach: Each client is unique, so we develop tailored social impact strategies that fit your specific needs and goals.

Join Our Mission of Create Strategies for Sustainability

At Glean Group, we don't just create a plan; we create strategies for sustainability. Join us, and together, let's make a difference.