The growth of one is the progress of all

We are a consulting firm that supports organizations, business and institutions creating the most efficient solution to achieving meaningful social impact.

Our Services

Our main purpose is assisting our partners aligning their core business with their social impact objectives. This involves identifying organizational goals, developing strategies, implementing solutions, and measuring these initiatives over time.

Corporate Social Reponsibility

Specialized advisory service for companies wishing to incorporate social responsibility into their operations.

Social Development Organizations

We offer accompaniment and technical support so that social organizations can achieve their objectives and full potential.

Local Governments

We help local governments create participative, equitable and efficient public policy.

Multilateral Institutions

Multilateral organizations and diplomatic missions, can be the bridge between civil society and the public sector.

The growth of one is the progress of all. Under this premise, we firmly believe that by generating efficient changes, we provide opportunities for achieving sustainable quality at social, economic and environmental levels through innovation.

The Glean Group


We are a team committed to the development of society.

We generate specific solutions for every need in the field of communication, strategic planning, and implementation of social impact projects.


Whether you have a question, need assistance, or just want to provide feedback, we are here to help.